About NigerBell

We are hearing healthcare experts specializing in the prevention, identification, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of hearing difficulties in both adults and children. We provide hearing and Vestibular assessments, hearing aid prescriptions, fittings and adjustments as needed to our patients.
We are devoted to improving the quality of life for every person who comes to our clinic. Tapping the diverse technologies of all our partners around the world, we effectively apply our resources to support hearing care professionals and to provide high-tech solutions that meet the hearing and cosmetic preferences of each patient.
Niger Bell takes pride in its global global partners with loyal and satisfied clients across Nigeria. We are large enough to blend the latest technology with sophisticated design and engineering, while offering the highest level of personalized service.

  • Tinnitus Counselling & Management
  • Audiometric Calibration
  • Hearing Solution Providers
  • Ear Moulds
  • Audiological Equipment Sales
  • Speech Therapy Services
  • Ear Care & Hearing Health Care
  • Audiological Services
  • Hearing Aids Styles
  • Hearing Aid Equipment Sales
  • Hearing Aid Repairs and Services
  • Hearing Aid Accessories & Consumable sales
  • Hearing Conservation Project

Our Partners

  • Widex logo

    : The world leader in 100% Digital Hearing Technology. Widex hearing aids have helped millions of adults and children as a result of the company's outstanding past performance since 1956, the Widex name is today synonymous with superior technological achievements.
  • path medical logo

    : Manufacturers of Sentiero Advanced. For the first time a hand held, portable lightweighted device combines Tone & speech audiometry, TEOAE, DPOAE, & AEP/ABR. This is typically used for Newborn Hearing Screening( NHS) conformational diagnostics, neurological diagnostics and objective threshold assessment.
  • INVENTIS, italy
    : Inventis is a high-tech oriented Italian company that develops and manufactures cutting-edge medical devices for the fields of audiology and endoscopy, the latter commercialized under the brand name Invisia.

    We are guided by four main principles: Innovation, Design, Ergonomics and Computer-Centricity.

  • med el

    MED-EL, Austria

    As the industry’s technology leader in implantable hearing solutions, MED−EL products are the result of 30 years of focused research and a commitment by its founders to fostering a company culture of excellence.

    MED−EL has a strong tradition of advancing the technological and scientific foundation in the field of hearing implants.

  • puma

    : Puma designs and manufactures certified removable modular soundproof booths and audiometric rooms for the medical field and is the acknowledged Italian leader in this sector.
    For over 40 years Puma has designed and built more than 5,000 booths successfully installed in hospitals, clinics, private practices and universities.
  • Hass

    H.A.S.S Group

    Established in 1975, the H.A.S.S. Group is a total hearing healthcare solutions provider.

    H.A.S.S. is a family-owned and -run business, started by Nico van der Merwe Sr in 1975. Each family member is a director responsible for his/her own department in the company.  We currently have over 200 staff members in the group with over 60 professionals. We also employ 12 deaf people.